Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old Long John Silver's Commercials

This morning I took a trip down memory lane and pulled out a video tape reel of historical Long John Silver's commercials . It was interesting to see those old commercials and how the brand has evolved . Long John Silver's turned 40 this year as a fast food brand and I think by looking at some of these old commercials there are nuggets of information that are useful to understand the essence of the brand , its identity and keys for the brand to continue another 40 years . Some of the commercials that really got my attention include the following :

" Fish & More For Four "
" SOS " Super Ocean Sandwich
" Put A Smile On Your Taste "
" Chillers"
The whole " Sounds Good To Me " campaign
The " Chicken In A Fish Place" commercial with the Russian
The whole " Go Fish " campaign was a great three year run
While a failure the Mr. Bigfish commercial was a hoot to watch again
I liked the Gotta Getta Little Southwest Fiesta Fish product and commercial
Popcorn Munchers
Of the the "Trooper - Grab & Go " commercial was a classic

Some great classic commercials for a great American brand

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