Sunday, August 17, 2008

Golf Outing Comments

Yesterday we held the first Jerrico alumni golf outing and I must say this was a lot of fun whether you were any good at golf or not ( I was not ) . It many ways it was like attending a high school renunion seeing people you haven't seen for years . I think it was great for everyone to connect . Also , at any point time there are several of us in life and career transition points has this is a great network that can be useful . A few of us played poker the evening before and that brought back memories as well . The following is an attempt to provide an update on what is going on with some of the attendees although I am sure I am leaving some things out .

1. Dave Kaufhold , who did a GREAT job organizing this event , left Jack In The Box a while
back and has relocated to the greater Cincinnati area and is plotting his next move .
2. Rick Jenkins and his brother are doing just fine with their Canoe Creek Creations home
improvement business in Garrard County .
3. Jerry Deitchle is still in California and the Chairman and CEO of BJ's Restaurants which
now has a store in Louisville ( Oxmoor ) .
4. Ted Innes recently left the Movie Gallery Corporation and is looking for his next gig .
5. Mark Plummer is with Laura's Lean Beef
6. Forrest Ragsdale is with Stites and Harbison in Louisville
7. Ron Cegnar is in his 13th year of supply chain consulting
8. Richard Pitcock is with Laura's Lean Beef
9. Ann Wells is still with Lexmark
10. David Smith is transitioning from Fazolies to a new gig at some point .
11. Dave Demarest is with JP Morgan
12. Mark Renfro is planning a new venture
13. Linda Borkowski is the mother of an aspiring young lacrosse player
14. Chuck Sidun is doing well with his tax practice that has many restaurant company clients
15. Steve Steltenkamp has a new position with a company
16. Sonny Beckley was there and I also think he is planning his next move
17. Tom Bohon made it to the poker game
18 Tim Minter I believe is with Lexmark

Even though we many of us had not seen each other in a while it was clear that few people real know each of us like the others in this group do . I created this blog on a whim a few weeks ago and think I will update on occasion so check back every now and then on occasion if you wish . Reader comments can be posted as well .

I look forward to doing this outing again sometime and if we do I predict a bigger group .

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